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Clutch Financial Solutions offers its clients the best financial tools and advice in order to optimize the wealth creation and preservation processes.

Our team is partnered with other professionals in the areas of estate law, financial planning, taxation and other fields to best facilitate an undivided approach to financial services. Working closely with individuals, families, business owners and corporations Clutch Financial Solutions provides a solid array of customised plans and strategies.

Change is constant. For this reason, an account analyst actively reviews portfolios on a daily basis as changes in the business and economic cycles emerge. Clients find immense comfort knowing their portfolios are being actively monitored and action initiated, in real time, to protect their investments.

Letters on current economic/market trends, positioning and industry news are released to our clients and posted when appropriate to the Publications section on our home page. Please take the time to visit our pages and drop us a line — we'd love to hear any questions, comments and suggestions you may have.

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Clutch Financial Solutions practices active portfolio management. An account analyst monitors all accounts on a daily basis for optimum performance and goal achievement.

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Enjoy the various articles written by our advisors and partners on the topics of taxation, financial planning, estate planning, corporate finances and charitable giving among other topics.

These articles are available in various formats including HTML, PDF and Word documents. Web updates, newsletters, announcements and other literature will also appear in this section. Update letters are first released to our clients then publicly posted when appropriate. Feel free to contact the authors with any questions and comments you have.

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